DKNY Women's Soft Tortoise Flat Top Square Sunglasses - DK503S-240
DKNY Women's Soft Tortoise Flat Top Square Sunglasses - DK503S-240
DKNY Women's Soft Tortoise Flat Top Square Sunglasses - DK503S-240

DKNY Women's Soft Tortoise Flat Top Square Sunglasses - DK503S-240

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Effortless Style and Sophistication with DKNY Sunglasses

Introducing the DKNY Women's Soft Tortoise Flat Top Square Sunglasses - DK503S-240, a stunning accessory that harmonizes contemporary design with timeless elegance. Crafted by the esteemed fashion brand DKNY, these sunglasses epitomize the perfect fusion of modernity and sophistication. With a soft tortoise pattern and flat top square frames, these sunglasses effortlessly emanate style and confidence, becoming an essential addition to the repertoire of any modern woman.

Make a Statement with DKNY:

DKNY presents a modern twist with their flat top square frame, exuding an air of confidence and style that captivates. Crafted with durable acetate construction and fortified by steel hinges, these sunglasses are built to withstand the test of time. Equipped with lenses that provide 100% UV protection, rest assured that your eyes are shielded from the sun's harmful rays. The DKNY branding discreetly gracing the left temple adds a final touch of elegance to this chic statement accessory.

Fashion that Protects:

Embrace the synergy of fashion and functionality that DKNY embodies. The Soft Tortoise Flat Top Square Sunglasses feature premium lenses, offering impeccable clarity while guarding your eyes with 100% UV protection. The flat top square frames, adorned with the soft tortoise pattern, inject a dash of sophistication into your ensemble, ensuring you step out with both style and shielded eyes.

Versatile Charm, Effortless Chic:

From sunlit strolls on the beach to urban explorations and glamorous soirées, these DKNY sunglasses effortlessly adapt to any scenario. The soft tortoise pattern's warm embrace makes them remarkably versatile, a seamless companion to an array of outfits. Transitioning from day to night with poise, these sunglasses exude confidence and style, truly elevating your aura.

Product Specifications:

  • Authentic Assurance: Each pair is guaranteed brand new and authentic, arriving with a convenient storage case.
  • Frame Material: Crafted with sturdy acetate for enduring elegance.
  • UV Protection: Experience worry-free outings with 100% UV protection.
  • Rx-able: Possibility for prescription lenses.
  • Lens Width: A flattering 58mm for your viewing pleasure.
  • Bridge Width: A comfortable 12mm for a secure fit.
  • Temple Length: 135mm of elegance that fits snugly.

Embrace Confidence and Style:

Dare to Elevate Your Look with the DKNY Women's Soft Tortoise Flat Top Square Sunglasses. Transform your gaze and outfit into a statement that truly embodies your unique essence.

Discover Unrivaled Style:

Explore Now and unravel the epitome of fashion fused with function. Embark on a journey where your elegance is complemented by premium protection and exquisite design.

Your Signature Style, Your Signature Statement:

Shop Today and immerse yourself in the world of DKNY, where sophistication knows no bounds. Let your style resonate, and make a bold mark with every step you take.